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Re: 2E译区每日关注
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朱莉安娜·弗拉尔多恩亲王Princess Juliana Vlaardoen
Princess of Bergdhoven, Viscountess of Linden, fire Elementalist of the Second Circle

Until her parents died, Juliana never gave rulership a moment's attention. The carefree girl studied magic only as a lark—since it came so easy to her, studying never seemed hard work. And wasn’t Prince Vanserie the most powerful wizard in all Glantri? Certainly he would rule for decades.
Juliana’s flirtations caused many scandals within Linden, and finally the prince passed a law prohibiting any unmarried male from speaking to or touching her, upon penalty of death. Although never enforced, it demonstrated how her parents felt about her frivolous approach to life.
The appointment to the throne caught her by surprise, but she has decided to become the best ruler that she can. She now focuses more attention on her magical studies.
Personality: Juliana has dedicated herself to becoming a great wizard and ruler like her father. She hasn’t yet really faced any challenges as either—nothing to test her mettle.
What She Says: Bergdhoven shall continue as it always has. (This was her entire speech upon becoming princess.)
What Others Say: She keeps what memories she wants of her father and conveniently forgets the rest. A smart move probably, considering how everyone at the council hated him*. (Malachie du Marais)
Appearance: Juliana has the coppery skin common to chose of Flaemish decent, a contrast to her mass of silver curls. Her eyes are large and green, her lips Full and sensual. She wears long, flowing robes with intricate embroidery. Juliana also seems fond of jewelry.
Using Juliana: Inexperienced in the ways of Clantrian intrigue, Juliana may find herself caught up in plots or traps set up by other nobles. In such a situation, she might need help from the player characters, although she docs have Raknaar to support and protect her.
Combat: Although inexperienced in combat, she remains a powerful spellcaster. The magical items she inherited when her parents died help make her a formidable foe.

朱莉安娜·弗拉尔多恩, 14级人类(弗雷姆裔)法师:
THACO 16; #AT 1(rod of smiting); Dmg ld8 (+3 magical rod); SA 法师, 火元素学者能力; SD 魔法物品; AC 0; hp 30; MV 12; ML 坚定(11); AL LG.
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 13, Cha 13.
1st level (doubled by ring of wizardry)—affect normal fires; burning hands (x2), color spray, dancing lights, detect magic, feather fall, hold portal, read magic, sfdrit of servitude.
2nd level—discern the heart of the beast, flaming sphere, forget, invisibility, misdirection.
3rd level—fireball (x2), fame arrow, phantom steed, spout of scalding wrath.
4th level—dimension door, fire charm, fire shield, fire trap.
5th level—extension 11, false vision, hold monster, wall of iron. 6th level—anti-magic shell, seek the traveler, transmute water to dust.
7th level—delayed blast fireball, duo-dimension, prismatic spray.
语言: Flaemish, Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Fire building, meditation, read- ing/writing, spellcraft.
装备: Rod of smiling (19 charges), bracers AC 0, ring of wizardry (doubles lst-level spells), wand of fire (24 charges).
Play for fun.

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Re: 2E译区每日关注
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黑山公国Principality of Blackhill
The meteor that struck southern Glantri during the Wrath of the Immortals destroyed the Principality of Blackhill. Its people, of Alphatian descent, were known as cruel and decadent, even by Glantrian standards.
House: None (formerly Silverston).
Ruler: None (formerly Prince Volospin Aedyr).
Siege: None (formerly Silverston).
House Personalities: None.
Allies: None.
Foes: None.
Voting Power: None.
Population: 0.
Play for fun.

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Re: 2E译区每日关注
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博尔达维亚公国Principality of Boldavia
In grim Boldavia, the mountains still the winds, and the land remains in the shadow of foreboding clouds. Fog shrouds the principality more often than not, and from within the fog, one can hear chilling sounds of terror and anguish. The nobles dwell in elegant homes while the rest of the populace cowers in hovels, afraid of both the known and the unknown.
House: Igorov.
Ruler: Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany.
Siege: lgorov.
House Personalities: Sir Boris, brother; Lady Tatyana, sister; Sir Mikhail, brother.
Allies: Lady Natacha Datchenka, Baroness of Pavlova; Lord Yuri Ivanov, Baron of Palatinsk; Lady Szasza Markovitch, Baroness of Vladimirov.
Foes: Lord Sergei Wutyla, Baron of Mariksen; Houses of Crownguard and Sylaire.
Voting Power: 15 at the council, 31 at Parliament.
Population: 15,120.
Rymskigrad: 6,600.
统治者: 墨菲尔·格拉维奇-沃斯拉尼亲王。
大本营: 埃格洛夫。

Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, a vampire, rules this principality. Morphail has taken great pains to inflict his condition upon all minor nobles with holdings to the north and east, making them lesser vampires subservient to him. At one time, he hoped to continue this process and eventually control all of northern Glantri. Current conditions, however, have forced him to concentrate simply on keeping control of the lands and minions he has now.
When Lord Laszlo Wutyla, a noble under Morphail’s control, was killed by a group of Ethengarian vampire hunters, Morphail quickly turned Laszlo’s successor into a vampire as well. This heir, Sergei, knew full well his older brother’s undead nature and had prepared a defense against vampirism with the help of an Ethengarian cleric named Erega (CG hf C11). The defense, an amulet, did not work entirely as planned. Sergei did become a vampire, but one not under Morphail's control. In addition, he has kept his chaotic good alignment. Now Sergei wages a silent war with Morphail and his vampires, with the help of Ethengarian vampire hunters and clerics he smuggles into Boldavia from his remote keep of Mariksen.
当被墨菲尔控制的贵族拉斯洛·乌提拉大人被一群阿芬格吸血鬼猎人杀害时,墨菲尔很快将拉斯洛的继任者也变成了吸血鬼。这位名叫谢尔盖的继承人非常了解哥哥的亡灵本质,在一位名为埃雷加(CG hf C11)的阿芬格牧师的帮助下,他准备了一道对抗吸血鬼本质的防御手段。这个防御手段——一个护身符——并没有完全按照计划生效。谢尔盖确实地变成了吸血鬼,但他却并不处于墨菲尔的控制之下。此外,他保持了混乱善良阵营。现在谢尔盖在阿芬格吸血鬼猎人和神职人员的帮助下从他远离马里克森的堡垒偷渡到了博尔达维亚,与墨菲尔和他的吸血鬼进行着一场无声的战争。
When the prince began his campaign to control his nobles through the ties of vampirism, he developed a code stating that vampires under his control could not spread the curse themselves, nor could they kill when they fed. This way, Morphail could control them more easily without drawing undue attention toward Boldavia. But, this vampire law seems less solid than the prince thought. In the last few years, vampires have begun to appear throughout Glantri; the curse obviously has been spreading from the northern regions southward. Although all the nobles under him deny it, Morphail can only assume that the vampire responsible is one of his own. Fortunately for the Boldavians, Glantri has been overrun by so many monsters since the war, no one pays special attention to the vampires. However, such clear insurrection has led to upheaval in Morphail’s reign.
当亲王开始了他的战役来通过吸血鬼之间的关系控制他属下的贵族时,他发布了一道法典,规定了在他控制下的吸血鬼不能传播自己的诅咒,在进食时也不能将食物杀死。这样, 墨菲尔可以在没有引起博尔达维亚不必要的关注的情况下更容易地控制它们。但是,吸血鬼的法律似乎没有亲王想象的那么可靠。在过去的几年里,吸血鬼开始遍布整个格兰特里;很明显,【吸血鬼的】诅咒已经从北部地区向南扩散。虽然他手下所有的贵族都否认这一点,但墨菲尔只能认为,自己属下必然有一只吸血鬼要为此负责。对博尔达维亚人来说幸运的是,自从战争以来,格兰特里已经被许多怪物占领,所以并没有人特别关注吸血鬼。然而,如此明显的背叛导致了墨菲尔统治的剧变。
The nobles in lgorov fare little better than the principality they control. Boris (CE hm W14 vampire Necromancer of the Third Circle) and Mikhail long ago were turned into vampires by their older brother, Morphail. Mikhail, originally a cruel and vicious vampire, eventually came to hate his undead existence and killed himself on a wooden stake. Outraged at this turn of events, Morphail used his Necromancy powers to bring back his brother as a spectre, which now haunts the Tower of Igorov in undead agony. Boris serves his brother faithfully (and fearfully). He likes to throw nocturnal parties for the young nobles of the area, often preying upon them or gaining their favor through the power of his charm. These degenerate parties are famous throughout Glantri. Tatyana (CN hf W8 vampire), Morphail’s sister and also a vampire of his creation, despises her unlife as Mikhail did. Years ago, she fell in love with Claude d'Ambreville (LG hm F(fallen P)10 vampire) after turning him into a vampire. He lived at Igorov in shame for many years before Mofphail commanded him to return to Sylaire as a spy. Tatyana now broods alone within the tower and thwarts her brothers’ evil when she can.
在埃格洛夫的贵族的情况比他们控制的公国好不了多少。鲍里斯(CE hm W14三之环的吸血鬼死灵学者)和米哈伊尔很早以前就被他们的哥哥墨菲尔变成了吸血鬼。米哈伊尔,最初是一个残忍和邪恶的吸血鬼,最终他厌恶自己的不死之身,并在木桩上自杀。墨菲尔对事态的发展感到愤怒,他利用自己的死灵学者能力将自己的兄弟复活成了幽灵,现在他的兄弟在亡灵的痛苦中于埃格洛夫之塔游荡。鲍里斯忠实地(而且是可怕地)为他的兄弟服务。他喜欢在夜间为当地的年轻贵族举行聚会,并且经常利用他的魅惑能力掠食他们或获得他们的青睐。这种堕落的聚会闻名于格兰特里各地。塔季扬娜(CN hf W8 吸血鬼),——墨菲尔的妹妹,也是墨菲尔所创造的吸血鬼之一——和米哈伊尔一样鄙视自己的非人。多年前,她在把克劳德·德·安布雷维尔(LG hm F(堕落的P)10吸血鬼)变成吸血鬼后爱上了他。他羞愧地在埃格洛夫住了很多年,直到墨菲尔命令他以间谍的身份回到苏莱尔。塔季扬娜现在独自在高塔中忧思,并尽可能地阻止她兄弟们的恶行。
Lady Natacha Datchcnka (CE hf W7 vampire Air Elementalist of the Second Circle) is the least of Morphail's pawns. He despises the ugly, red- haired woman and would like to replace her as baroness of Vladimirov. Lord Yuri Ivanov (CE hm W9 vampire), a known vampire hunter before he met the Prince of Boldavia, now uses his skills to serve Morphail: He eliminates many of the rogue vampires that roam Glantri, although he seems less effective than in his mortal days, since now he cannot use holy symbols. mirrors, or garlic. The beautiful, sensual Lady Szasza Markovitch (CE hf W13 vampire Wokani of the Third Circle) delights in attempting to charm and feed off handsome nobles. The most powerful and favored of Morphail's pawns, she hopes to become his wife one day.
纳塔查·达钦卡女士(CE hf W7吸血鬼 二之环的气元素学者)是墨菲尔的仆役中最卑微的一个。他鄙视那个丑陋的红发女人,并想让她取代现在的符拉迪米洛夫的女男爵。尤里·伊万诺夫大人(CE hm W9吸血鬼)在遇见博尔达维亚亲王之前,他是一位著名的吸血鬼猎人,现在他则使用自己的技能服务于墨菲尔:他可以消灭掉许多游荡在格兰特里的只身吸血鬼,不过因为他现在不能使用圣徽、镜子或大蒜,效率远不如肉体凡躯时了。美丽而饥渴的萨莎·马科维奇女士 (CE hf W13吸血鬼 三之环的巫术学者)喜欢试图魅惑和捕食英俊的贵族。作为墨菲尔最强大和最受欢迎的仆役,她希望有一天能成为他的妻子。
The Boldavian people, a mix of Traladaran (Karameikan) descendants and a number of Flaemish outcasts, are largely impoverished—or actually slaves, sent to work in the land’s infamous salt mines. Boldavia's main crops include potatoes, which folks make into a local drink, and garlic, often used for decoration as well as cooking. Many in the area become adept at freshwater fishing, making indigenous giant salmon (and their eggs) a valuable commodity. Some Boldavian mages use a special spell to transport ice as far south as Glantri City for long-term food storage. This ice trade operates even in midsummer.
Rymskigrad seems fairly large by Glantrian standards, but its good qualities end with its size. This dirty, dangerous town teems with downtrodden, fearful peasants. Cutthroats, thieves, and other villains also call it home. Evil mages often use Rymskigrad as a base, occasionally sending their fiendish, inhuman servants to gather helpless citizens for sorcerous experimentation. Press gangs roam the back streets, gathering slaves for the mines. The town mayor, Dravic (CE hm F8 vampire), is a vampire Morphail controls.
以格兰特里亚人的标准来看,朗姆斯吉格拉德相当大,但它的优良品质也因其庞大而告终。这个肮脏、危险的城镇挤满了受压迫的、恐惧的农民。杀手、小偷和其他恶棍也称它为家。邪恶的法师们经常以朗姆斯吉格拉德为基地,偶尔派遣他们的恶魔般的、非人的仆人去捕捉无助的公民进行巫术实验。强征团伙在后街游荡,为矿井收集奴隶。镇长德拉维奇(CE hm F8吸血鬼)是受墨菲尔控制的吸血鬼。
Boldavia is the only principality in Glantri to continue to prohibit clerics and their spells. Morphail, for obvious reasons, has a special hatred for priests and takes particular delight in overseeing their public execution when his minions capture them. In private, many princes have told him they wish they could do likewise, but their people now rely too heavily on priestly magic for them to return to the old ways.
Relations with Nouvelle Averoigne have never been good. The d'Ambrevilles, particularly Etienne, have long known of and despised Morphail's vampirism and use of Necromancy. Richard and Isidore carry on their predecessor’s feelings for the dark prince. House Crownguard opposes Morphail, too. Prince Brannart has learned of Morphail‘s nature; in turn, the Prince of Boldavia knows Brannart has become a lich (inadvertently). The lich wants only one undead prince within Glantri, but waits to make his move against Morphail. In the meantime, House Crownguard opposes House Igorov at the council at every turn. Morphail hopes to charm or infect one of the McGregors, to have an agent in his enemy’s ranks.
Play for fun.

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Re: 2E译区每日关注
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墨菲尔·格拉维奇-沃斯拉尼亲王Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany
Prince of Boldavia, Baron of Igorov, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk, High Master of Necromancy

Despite the fact that public opinion regarding “monsters" and undead such as vampires has improved much of late, Morphail keeps his vampirism a secret. Given the curse in the year 720 (through the power of the evil Immortal, Alphaks), he has ruled for almost 300 years. The aura of mystery hangs so thick around Morphail, however, that most people believe he has lengthened his life span with spells or potions. Some actually think the original Morphail died long ago,and that his descendants use his name and reputation—a fallacy the vampire encouraged for a while.
Since vampires have become “fashionable" for the moment in Glantri, most people simply see Morphail as a trendsetter rather than as an actual undead. In Glantri, a wizard who likes to wear dark clothing, comes out only at night, and maintains a pale complexion seems not out of the ordinary in any way. A number of the prince's peers, such as Jaggar von Drachenfels and Jherek Virayana, know or suspect his true nature, but simply don’t care. They certainly are not without secrets of their own, and, in any case, revealing Morphail's true nature would change little in the way the public perceives him.
Personality: For most of his unlife, Morphail has been the calm, calculatingly evil lord one might expect as a vampire prince, displaying his chaotic nature only when the blood hunger came upon him. Of late, however, conditions in Boldavia have gone beyond his control, and power over his own temperament likewise is slipping from his grasp. Rumors circulate throughout Glantri that Morphail is losing his mind. As a ruler, he remains cold, uncaring, and cruel. Not only does he hold no concern for the plight of his people, he has come to relish their suffering.
What He Says: Boldavia? There would be no Boldavia without Morphail! At every turn, I am opposed—by Wutyla and his clerics, by McGregor, by all these uncontrolled peasant vampires.... But I will prevail.
What Others Say: Sure, he's a little odd. That’s certainly no crime in Glantri. But a vampire? Everyone claims a relation to some magical monster nowadays. It's probably a rumor he started himself to impress Boldavian ladies. I find it difficult to believe an undead monster could control a principality. (Diego de Belcadiz)
Appearance: Due to his undead nature, Morphail has maintained his captivating good looks for the last 300 years. He usually combs his long, jet black hair straight back; his dark eyes, with odd red flecks, peer from beneath the uncovered brow. He favors dark clothing, usually impeccably tailored and well kept, although lately he has paid less attention to his grooming. He never carries a weapon.
Using Morphail: An entire campaign could be run with Morphail as the main antagonist. He could serve only as an enemy for the player characters—he has no-allies except those that serve him in undeath. Revealing his vampirism to the rest of Glantri actually would mean very little, but destroying him would serve as a boon to the forces of good.
使用墨菲尔: 可以以墨菲尔为整个战役的主要对手。他只能成为玩家角色的敌人——他没有盟友,只有以亡灵姿态服侍它的奴仆。向格兰特里的其他地方透露他的吸血鬼主义其实并不意味着什么,但毁灭他将成为一种对正义力量的恩惠。
Combat: Morphail is extremely strong, with a number of powers at his command. (See details below.)
战斗: 墨菲尔是非常强大的,有许多势力处于他的指挥之下。(详情见下)。

墨菲尔·格拉维奇-沃斯拉尼, 19级人类(吸血鬼) 死灵学者:
THAC0 11; #AT 1 (爪); Dmg 1d6+4; SA 能量吸取, 魅惑凝视 (豁免检定-2), 法术, 死灵学者能力; SD对睡眠 、 魅惑 、 定身 、 麻痹和毒素免疫,寒冷和闪电伤害减半, 只受+1或更好武器的伤害; AG 1; hp 55; MV 12 (变身蝙蝠时为18); ML 勇士(15); AL CE; XP 22,000.
Str 18/76, Dex 11, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 16.
Note: Sunlight, running water, and wooden stakes through the heart kill vampires. Mirrors, holy symbols, and garlic keep them at bay.
1st level—chill touch, detect magic, magic missile, protection from good, spook, wandbane
2nd level—alter self, darkness 1$' radius, detect invisibility, spectral hand, stinking cloud, summon swarm.
3rd level—blink, fly, hold undead, lightning bolt, nondetection, vampiric touch.
4th level—contagion, dimension door, enervation, minor globe of invulnerability, solid fog, wizard eye.
5th level—animate dead, cone of cold, magic jar, Morphail's uttltoly blessing, summon shadow, wall of force.
6th level—control weather, death fog death spell, project image.
7 th level—control undead, finger of death, forcecage, teleport without error.
8th level—mind blank, sink, trap the soul.
9th level—energy drain, time stop.
语言: Ethengarian, Flacmish, Thyatian common, Traladaran.
已知熟练: Appraising, monster lore, read* ing/writing, riding (land-based), spellcraft.
装备: Ring of invisibility, six beads of force, wand of conjuration.

谢尔盖·乌提拉领主Lord Sergei Wutyla
Baron of Mariksen

Sergei hated his vampiric brother Laszlo and the horrific realm he lived in. When he met Erega, an Ethengarian priestess, he not only fell in love, buc he realized that forces outside Glantri could help combat the evils in Boldavia. Erega fashioned a magical item to protect Sergei from vampiric attacks. After the death of Sergei's brother at the hands of vampire hunters, Morphail attempted to make Sergei a vampire as well—and the charm didn't work. It did, however, make him immune to the controlling influences of Morphail, so Sergei can use his powers and Ethengarian allies to rebel against the evil prince.
Sergei doesn't care that he remains the only noble in Glantri without an allegiance to a house. His only goal is the destruction of Morphail.
Personality: Despite his vampiric state, Sergei has managed to keep his noble, courageous demeanor. He is a likable man, though one driven by his passions (defeating Morphail and restoring freedom to Boldavia). He feeds only on animals, refusing to drink the blood or absorb the life force of a human or other sentient creature.
What He Says: Boldavia must be freed from the shackles of evil and oppression that have held it for the last 300 years! We must be freed from bloodsucking Prince Morphail!
What Others Say: He is a noble, good, loving man whose courage and convictions are second to no one. He is, however, still a creature of the night, and I worry that his nature may one day claim him. (Erega of Ethengar)
Appearance: This dark-featured Boldavian does not appear as handsome as the prince he struggles against. He favors attire of blue or white—usually loose-fitting, lightweight garments. He keeps at his side a sword that has been in the Wutyla family for generations, despite the fact that, as a wizard, he never trained with such a weapon.
Using Sergei: A heroic figure in a dark realm, Sergei willingly and gratefully accepts help from player characters who also want to sec Morphail destroyed. He even will offer the use of Mariksen as a base of operations for strikes against the prince.
Combat: Sergei is quick to fight, particularly against evil foes serving Morphail. He never uses the sword he carries, although occasionally he will draw it, as it gives him confidence. He prefers applying his magical abilities (or items) rather than his vampiric ones, but he will use whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. He will never, however, drain the life force of sentient beings.

谢尔盖·乌提拉, 9级人类(吸血鬼) 法师:
THACO 11; #AT 1 (claw); Dmg ld6+4; SA energy drain,charm gaze (-2 to saving throw), spells; SD immune to sleep, hold, charm, paralysis, and poison, half damage from lightning and cold, +1 or better weapon to hit; AC -1; hp 49; MV 12 (18 as bat); MI. champion (15); AL CG.
Str 18/76, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 14.
Note: Sunlight, running water, and wooden stakes through the heart kill vampires. Mirrors, holy symbols, and garlic keep them at bay.
1 st level—banting hands, detect magic, magic missile, protection from evil.
2nd level—blur,, continual light, levitate.
3rd level—fireball, hold undead, lightning bolt.
4th level—improved invisibility, wall of fire.
5th level—lapis bonds.
语言: Ethengarian, Thyatian common, Traladaran.
已知熟练: Religion, riding (land-based).
装备: Long sword +2, ring of protection +2, wand of negation, amulet of vampire protection (makes the wearer immune to a vampire’s control if turned into a vampire).
Play for fun.

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布莱拉公国Principality of Bramyra
Princes Vanserie Vlaardoen and Jaggar von Drachenfels felt outraged at the creation of the Principality of Bramyra in 1003. Although the rest of the council granted the act of enfeoffment to buffer against the armies of the east, the two princes said putting more power in the hands of "Ethengarian traitors” was a grievous mistake. Obviously, they found themselves outvoted.
House: Krinagar (Singhabad).
Ruler: Prince Urmahid Krinagar.
Siege: Skullhorn.
House Personalities: Rinnath, wife; Terrigis, daughter; Lan-Syn, sister; Prince Jherek Virayana of Krondahar, Lan-Syn’s husband.
Allies: House Singhabad.
Foes: Houses of Linden and Ritterburg.
Voting Power: 22 at the council, 22 at Parliament.
Population: 7,450.
Bramyra: 2,300.
家族: 克雷纳加(辛格哈巴)。
家庭名人:林纳斯,妻子; 特里吉丝,女儿;兰-辛,姐妹;奎丹得赫的亲王杰瑞克·维拉亚纳,兰-辛的丈夫。
盟友: 辛格哈巴家族。

Because of the familial relationship, House Krinagar can be considered a part of the long-standing House Singhabad, but, for political reasons, both houses try to play down their relationship.
At one time, Prince Urmahid Krinagar worked as a Glantrian spy in Ethengar. He reported directly to the Council of Princes, providing them with a great deal of valuable information. These acts of espionage gained him favor among the powers within Glantri (though staunch anti-Ethengarians still did not trust him) and put a price on his head in the khanates—a bounty that remains to this day. His activities won him the position of Count of Skullhorn Pass; when the council decided Glantri needed a new principality in the east, he became the obvious choice for princedom.
One of Urmahid’s main concerns is chat he has no heir. His daughter, Terrigis, while still young, shows no aptitude for spellcasting. His wife, Rinnath (N hf F2), likewise has no magical talents. The couple has been trying to have another child the last two years, but to no avail.
乌尔玛希德最关心的问题之一就是他没有继承人。他的女儿特里吉丝还很年轻,而且还没有展现出施法的天赋。他的妻子林纳斯(N hf F2)同样没有魔法天赋。这对夫妇过去两年一直想再要一个孩子,但没有成功。
Despite antagonistic feelings on both sides, Bramyra trades heavily with Ethengar, dealing primarily in horses. The principality also produces potatoes, turnips, and a few other crops. Shepherds tend small herds that graze throughout the region.
Little distinguishes Bramyra (or Bramyra City, as it is often called now) from other small “frontier” towns. The rough, rugged folk in and outside town work hard to earn their livings. They play hard too; most Glantrians have heard of Bramyra City's wild holiday celebrations. For the most part, Bramyrans seem a generous, friendly people, although cautious upon first meeting a stranger.
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乌尔玛希德·克雷纳加亲王Prince Urmahid Krinagar
Prince of Bramyra, Chancellor of Princes, Count of Skullhorn Pass, Dream Master of the Fourth Circle

Urmahid has been a spy as well as a ruler. He and the Great Khan of Ethengar remain personal enemies, each wishing mightily to see the other dead.
The prince is the brother-in-law and lifelong friend of Prince Jherek of Krondahar. Jherek personally taught him the Secret Craft of Dream Magic, knowing Urmahid would never challenge his position as High Master. Jherek is correct. In fact, Urmahid has little concern for the secret craft. He always has seen spellcraft as simply a tool and actually considers magic use a wrongful criterion for Glantrian nobility. The prince calls personal accomplishment a greater measure of a man than his ability to cast spells.
Occasionally, Urmahid travels into Ethengar in disguise. The minor nobles in the region murmur that he has a mistress there from his days as a spy.
Personality: Urmahid is arrogant. Proud of his accomplishments, he can think of little he could not handle. As a ruler, he seems distracted when dealing with minor issues. He enjoys coping with monumental threats, but lets his aides tend to smaller concerns.
个性: 乌尔玛希德很傲慢。他为自己的成就感到骄傲,几乎想不到自己无法应付的事情。作为一个统治者,他似乎很容易在处理小问题时分心。他喜欢应对巨大的威胁,而让他的助手们关注较小的问题。
What He Says: I scoff at these wizard-princes, who would rather study in the school than really live their lives.
What Others Say: Yes, I'll admit, Krinagar has served the council in the past (in his own, cretinous way). But how do we know what he plans now! (Jaggar von Drachenfels)
别人说:是的,我承认,克雷纳加过去曾以他自己那愚蠢的方式为议会服务过。但是我们怎么知道他现在的计划是什么呢!( 贾加尔·冯·龙福斯)
Appearance: With dark hair, mustache, and complexion, Urmahid looks like a traditional Ethengarian lord, except he prefers to dress in a Glantrian manner: a grey tunic with gold trim, loose-fitting black pants, and a dark gray cloak with a hood. He is fond of gold jewelry.
外表: 乌尔玛希德有一头乌黑的头发、一副同样乌黑的八字胡和深沉的肤色,看起来像一位传统的阿芬格贵族,只是他更喜欢穿一套格兰特里风格的衣服:一件镶着金饰边的灰色束腰外衣,宽松的黑色长裤,和一件带兜帽的深灰色斗篷。他喜欢金质珠宝。
Using Urmahid: In Glantrian/Ethengarian relations, Urmahid remains key—he is the one man that knows the most about both sides. Any political adventures dealing with these two realms almost certainly will involve him.
Combat: Urmahid seems as quick to use his magical dagger in melee as he is to cast spells. He favors illusions, though he is not an Illusionist specialist wizard.

乌尔玛希德·克雷纳加, 14级人类法师(前4级盗贼):
 THACO 16; #AT 1 (匕首+3); Dmg ld4 (+3 魔法匕首);SA 法术, 盗贼能力, 梦境尊主能力; SD 魔法物品; AC 4; hp 38; MV 12; ML 勇士(16); AL LN.
Str 12, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 13, Ch 16.
1st level—charm person, color spray, dancing lights, phantasmal force, shield.
2nd level—alter self, forget, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, web. 3rd level—dispel magic, flame arrow, hold person, item, spectral force.
4th level—confusion, hallucinator)> terrain, illusionary wall, rainbow pattern.
5th level—avoidance, cone of cold, passwall, seeming.
6th level—mass suggestion, transformation*.
7th level—phase door.
语言: Ethengarian, Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Animal handling, disguise, etiquette, forgery, meditation, reading/writing, riding (land-based). 装备: Amulet of proof against detection and location, dagger +3 of returning (returns to wieldcr on command after thrown), boots of elvenkind, Joule of elvenkind, medallion of ESP 90' range, ring of protection +3.
盗贼能力: PP 30%; OL 40%; F/RT 45%; MS 50%; HS 60%; DN 15%; CW 70%; RL 10%.
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柯伦泽公国Principality of Caurenze
Like Blackhill, the Principality of Caurenze was devastated when the meteor struck southern Glantri during the Wrath of the Immortals. Its people, of Thyatian descent, were considered amazingly paranoid and fond of poisons. Sirecchia still stands, but as an abandoned ruin, home only to the last survivor in the principality. The meteor also reduced the town of Lizzieni to ruins and obliterated another major town, Oreggiano.
House: None (formerly Sirecchia).
Ruler: None (formerly Prince Innocenti di Malapietra).
Siege: None (formerly Sirecchia).
House Personalities: None.
Allies: None.
Foes: None.
Voting Power: None.
Population: 1.
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因诺森蒂·迪·马拉皮特拉Innocenti di Malapietra
Viscount of Sirecchia, Prince of Caurenze (former), Viceroy of Ylourgne (former), High Master of Earth Elementalism (former).

Innocenti was always insane. In fact, the Malapietra family had a propensity for insanity, particularly paranoia. Clan members practically prided themselves on it. Paranoia, they claimed, protected them from the evils of a world that strove against them. The most paranoid Malapietra, they thought, always would remain the safest and most powerful. What they should have feared more, however, was each other Malapietras constantly assassinated and betrayed others in the family.
Innocenti’s mother raised him to be afraid of everything and everyone. She taught him magic herself,to avoid the risks presented by the Great School. She also taught him the Secret Craft of Earth Elcmcntalism. By adulthood, he’d become a powerful wizard and an expert on poisons—a skill he used when he killed his mother and took over the noble house and principality.
Eventually, Innocenti did go to the Great School, but only to challenge and kill the High Master of Earth Elementalism so he could gain the position—and the power that went with it. The prince always felt that the only way to gain power was to kill for it.
He enjoyed the gladiatorial games once held in Lizzieni. These spectacles pitted slaves, humanoids, and monsters against each other in bloody combat. The people of Caurenze seemed almost as corrupt and bloodthirsty as their ruling family.
When the war with Alphatia started. Innocenti turned over all the troops in his command to Prince Jaggar and holed up in Sirecchia with numerous protective spells. His paranoia once again saved his life, for when the meteor struck his principality, he alone survived the blast. He remained secluded in the ruined keep, hesitant to reveal the fact that he'd survived.
Thinking Innocenti had died, the Council of Princes officially did away with his council seat and no longer considered ruined Caurenze a principality. Innocenti remained oblivious to his disenfranchisement, however, as he found himself confronted with a number of his deceased family members—now vengeful wraiths. He managed to destroy the undead creatures, but not before they drained him of much of his life force (and his经验等级).
Soon afterward, he was contacted by Dolores Hillsbury, who had discovered him through a divination spell. She subtly manipulated his insanity and added a few well- placed suggestions to convince him to follow her. Dolores promised to make him a prince again, and he believed her. She used him to kill Gertrud von Drachenfels, so she could more easily seduce Gertrud’s husband, Jaggar.
Although no one ever suspected Innocenti of the murder, his existence at Sirecchia did not remain a secret long. In his fevered mind, the former prince now threatens anyone approaching his tower with immediate destruction. His paranoia has grown to the point where he desires to keep other people at least 100 yards away from him at all times.
Personality: In his questionable state of mind, the former prince used to subject his vassals to his strange poetry and songs. Preoccupied with death, he delighted in blood and pain. But Innocenti’s insanity soon will consume him completely, and until that time, this madman remembers just enough magic to make him deadly dangerous.
What He Says: I know your evil plots—you can’t fool me! If you wish to continue your pitiful existence, you will flee from here before I destroy you!
What Others Say: He got exactly what he deserved.He always was a madman— it's just more obvious now.(Prince Harald)
Appearance: Innocenti, a fat, greasy man, has wild and unkempt brown hair and a face covered in stubble. The tattered rags he wears were once his regal garments.
Using Innocenti: The twisted former prince lives in his ruined keep all alone.Approaching visitors hear a warning that Innocenti will disintegrate them if they enter.
Combat: Although he prefers to cast spells from a distance, if forced into melee, Innocenti will come at his foes with a wild-eyed scream, brandishing a poisoned knife in both hands (although he can make only one attack per round this way). Before his encounter with the wraiths, he was a 19th-Ievel wizard. He apparently has forgotten all his Earth Elementalist powers, in his maddened state.

因诺森蒂·迪·马拉皮特拉, 13级人类法师:
THACO 16; #AT 1 (匕首+ 1); Dmg ld4 (+1 魔法匕首); SA 法术; SD 魔法物品; AC 10; hp 44; MV 12; ML 不坚定(7); AL CE; XP 10,000.
Str 11, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 12.
Note: Innocenti’s condition imposes a -1 penalty on saving throws vs. charm or suggestion.
1st level—alarm, detect magic, magic missile (x2), shield.
2nd level—acid arrow\ Balliard's rejuvenating touch, detect evil, fog cloud, invisibility.
3rd level—feign death, fireball, infravision, protection from normal missiles, spout of scalding wrath.
4th level—detect scrying enervation, fire trap, phantasmal killer. 5th level—cloudkill, distance distortion, pluck a petal of spell- flower, wall of stone.
6th level—disintegrate (x2).
语言: Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Artistic ability (poetry), astrology, herbalism, rcading/writing, singing, spellflash.
装备: Two daggers +1, ring of regeneration, multiple potions of poison in interestingly disguised dispensers, ring of spell turning, wand of enemy detection (24 charges).
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艾维雯公国Principality of Erewan
Erewan was once a bright, shining spot against the dark, corrupt landscape of Glantri. In the year 884, the Clan of Ellerovyn broke off from the Belcadiz elves, who were straying more and more from their Alfheim heritage (the traditions that come from the land of elves to the east) toward human attitudes. This clan attempted to form a principality that would keep elven ways alive yet remain loyal to Glantri. In the opinion of the other Glantrian nobles, they failed, although Erewan elves felt sincere in their loyalty then. Now Princess Carlotina would like nothing better than to take her people out of Glantri. Unfortunately, since the shadow elves conquered Alfheim (now called Aengmor), they really have nowhere to go.
House: Clan of Ellerovyn.
Ruler: Princess Carlotina Erewan.
Siege: Ellerovyn.
House Personalities: Lady Eleesea, mother; Lady Norelia, Eleesea's sister; Lady Bethys, Eleesea's sister; Sire Qenildor, son;Sire Thendain, son; Lady Esmeralda, Thendain's wife; Sire Unedyrin, Thendain's son.
Allies: None.
Foes: Clan of Alhambra; Houses of Linden,Kol, and Hillsbury.
Voting Power: 17 at the council, 17 at Parliament.
Population: 20,840.
Erendyl: 3,500.
家族: 埃乐瑞雯家族。
大本营: 埃乐瑞雯。
家族成员:艾丽西亚夫人,母亲; 诺罗丽亚夫人,艾丽西亚的姐妹; 贝蒂斯夫人,艾丽西亚的姐妹;奇尼尔多阁下,儿子;瑟登阁下,儿子;埃斯梅拉达夫人,瑟登的妻子;安尼德林阁下,瑟登的儿子。
敌人:阿尔罕布拉家族; 柯尔、希尔斯伯里和林登家族。

Erewan’s clan of elves has begun heading down the path to annihilation. The war with Alphatia took a heavy toll on this principality, in particular the raids by humanoids from the Broken Lands. The manipulations of Dolores Hillsbury have turned a majority of council members against the clan to such a degree that the princes continually refuse pleas for monetary and military aid against the humanoid raids, which continue even long after the war's end. Dolores wants the Erewan elves expunged from Glantri, and she may live to see her wish come true.
Elven tradition dictates that members of the noble family never fight openly among themselves. Lady Eleesea (N ef W10) was once the Treekeeper of the clan, concerning herself mainly with the planting of trees along the Red River. Now, however, she suffers from a horrible wasting disease brought on by the touch of a heucuva summoned to the realm by Alphatian wizards during the war. Certain spells have slowed the disease's progress, but nevertheless, it is killing her slowly. Her sisters, Norelia (N ef W9(D)) and Bethys (N ef W11(D)), serve as the clan’s oracles. All three women are Cryptomancers of the Third Circle. In better times, they charged non-elves for their services as seers: the planting of 10 trees where no trees had grown before. Now they simply don’t offer their abilities to outsiders.
精灵的传统规定,贵族家庭成员之间决不能公开对抗。艾丽西亚夫人(N ef W10) 曾经是这个家族的树农,主要负责在红河沿岸植树。然而现在,她却患上了一种可怕的消耗性疾病,这种疾病是由战争期间被阿尔费舍法师召唤到国度当中的一种名叫heucuva的生物引起的。某些法术延缓了疾病的加重,但它仍然在缓慢地杀死她。她的妹妹诺罗丽亚(N ef W9(D))和贝蒂斯(N ef W11(D))都身担家族的预言者职责。这三个女人都是三之环的密言学者。在时势较好时,她们会以在以前没有树的地方种植10棵树的代价来为非精灵预言。而现在,她们不再把自己的能力提供给外人了。
Sire Thendain (LN em W6/F7) and his wife Esmeralda (CN ef W10/T6 Wokani of the Third Circle) live at the Great School of Magic. Their disparate outlooks on life lead to numerous arguments, but they manage to get along somehow. Esmeralda keeps her craft affiliation a secret even from her husband and often pretends to be a wizard of much less skill. Their son, Unedyrin (NG em F5), shares none of their magical talent and lives in Ellerovyn. Carlotina’s other son, Qenildor, operates as a resistance fighter in New Kolland, leading a group of elves against the humanoids that have managed to gain acceptance from the rest of Glantri.
瑟登阁下(LN em W6/F7)和他的妻子埃斯梅拉达(CN ef W10/T6,三之环的巫术学者)居住在至高魔法学院。尽管他们彼此对生活的不同看法导致了无数的争论,但他们还是设法相敬如宾。埃斯梅拉达甚至没有让她的丈夫得知自己知晓的技艺,经常假装自己是一名不那么高明的法师。他们的儿子安尼德林(NG em F5)没有继承到他们的魔法天赋,现在住在埃乐瑞雯。卡洛蒂娜的另一个儿子,奇尼尔多,作为一名反抗军战士,在新柯尔领带领一群精灵对抗类人种族,并且已经设法获得了格兰特里其余地方的认可。
Two minor nobles had allied themselves with the clan of Erewan elves: Lord Ezechiel Naramis of Nathrat and Lady Aliana Nyraviel of Soth-Kabree. However, both died when their holdings fell to the meteor’s devastation.
The elves of Erewan produce a number of wood products, including bows, paper, and hand-carved furniture. Production remains somewhat limited, of course, since the principality has only a finite number of trees available for lumber. Erewan ships various herbs, as well as beeswax and honey, to market in Glantri City. Traditionally, Glantri’s finest and fastest horses have come from this principality, and most respect elven training and handling techniques.
Lastly, art and literature are important areas of interest in Erewan. Poetry, sculpting, painting, and music all remain popular hobbies as well as professions. As the elven government has always provided as much special funding for the arts as possible, many full-time poets, musicians, and artists operate within the realm. Not surprisingly, the principality has the highest literacy rate in Glantri—an impressive claim, in a land of wizards. Other principalities rely on Erewan scribes and translators for their talents.
These elves find themselves beleaguered by continual attacks from the humanoids. Although Prince Kol (page 60) has brought an end to the largest and most devastating raids, he covertly allows smaller skirmishes with Erewan settlements and travelers. Most elves remain hopeful that outside aid will help them against these enemies, but this hope is slowly dying. The elves realize that not only are their enemies now accepted members of Glantrian society, but they seem to stand in greater favor than Erewan itself.
The town of Erendyl has been attacked so many times in the last few years that its people always act as though under siege, even in times of relative peace. Many distrust strangers, but most will not act hostile to visitors. The majority of Erewan elves no longer think of themselves as true Glantrians but as members of a solitary realm abandoned by the motherland. Therefore they treat all outsiders (except humanoids) the same, no matter where they come from.
These fair elves have always kept humanity at a distance. Like the elves of Alfheim, they seem kind, forgiving, and generous to human neighbors and visitors, but they never desired to live alongside them or share with them their secrets. Intermarriage with humans is almost unknown. These traditions have led Glantrians to question their loyalty to the realm. These otherwise good-natured people now must pay the price for their desire to maintain their old way of life.
During the Wrath of the Immortals, many elves of Alfheim fled that land for Erewan. These refugees make up approximately 5% of the principality's population, but they seem virtually indistinguishable from natives of Erewan, to an outsider's eyes. The elves of Erewan still number more than the Belcadiz, but at the rate the humanoid raids claim lives, this fact may not hold true for long.
Much of this grim music is being orchestrated by Princess Dolores of Fenswick, also the chaotic evil dragon Synn. She wants to discredit and destroy the elves of Erewan, hating them for representing everything she opposes in Glantri. She has come very close to making Glantri a dark and chaotic land filled with monsters and evil wizards— such a realm has no place for fair and noble elves. Prince Kol, Dolores's ally, shares this belief. Despite what he tells the Council of Princes, he supports the raids his humanoids inflict upon Erewan.
Tensions have endured between the Belcadiz elves and those of Erewan ever since the two clans split. The fairer elves look upon their dark-haired cousins as tainted by the society and customs of the humans, often referring to all of them as "half-elves.”
House Linden, with its strong ties to the old Flaems, has traditionally hated all elves. This race resents the elves for coming to Glantri and displacing their people, who they claim arrived first. This outlook may change under the rule of their new princess, Juliana, but such a change must come slowly, as the bad blood runs deep.
Erewan elves dress in silky, loose-fitting garb. They enjoy hooded cloaks and flowing robes, usually pale in color. Avoiding gold, they adorn themselves in silver jewelry and enhance their tools and weapons with silver inlay. They prefer armor of light chain mail and fight with sabres as their weapon of choice. (See "Rapiers and Sabres,” page 38.)
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卡洛蒂娜·艾维雯女亲王Princess Carlotina Erewan
Princess of Erewan, Marchioness of Ellerovyn, High Mistress of Cryptomancy

Carlotina became the leader of her clan and the Princess of the Erewan when her husband died at the hands of orcish raiders then operating out of the Broken Lands.
The Council of Princes didn’t waste much time in awarding her the title Chamberlain of the Land, making her overseer of all Glantrians’ welfare. Carlotina instituted programs to aid the poor in all principalities, concerned particularly with the oppressed in Boldavia. She attempted also to use the Chamberlain position to aid her own people’s effort to plant trees along the banks of the Red River. When it became clear to the Council of Princes that her goals were no longer Glantri’s, they revoked her tide.
Carlotina now admits that the best thing for her people would be for them to leave Erewan and establish a new realm elsewhere. However, as humanoid attacks reduce their numbers and antagonism from the rest of Glantri weakens their spirits, she can see no clear destination.
Personality: Although sincerely a caring soul, Carlotina has seen too much suffering in her life to have survived unscathed. She now appears a sullen, withdrawn elf woman. Only her mother, Eleesea, has her ear; she has sent all other advisors away. Her time and energies are consumed in thoughts of saving her people somehow from the fate apparently before them.
What She Says: Glantri has become a realm unfriendly toward elves, yet monsters run free—idolized and adored. That such a thing could come to pass seems unfathomable to me, yet it is truth.
What Others Say: She’s a cold fish, that one. She couldn't care less what happens to any of us lowly humans, but threaten one of her elves—or any of her bloody trees—and she'll see you dead. (Helgar von Drachenfcls)
别人怎么说: 那个人冷漠而无情。她不在乎我们这些卑微的人类会发生什么,但只要她的一个精灵——或者她那些该死的树——受到威胁,她就会看着你死去。(海尔格·冯·龙福斯)
Appearance: Although beautiful, Carlotina cannot mask the sadness in her misty blue eyes. Like all her people, she is fair of skin and hair, the latter flowing in silky tresses that almost reach her waist. She normally wraps herself in thin cloaks of white or ivory and she favors delicate silver jewelry.
Using Carlotina: The princess is a tragic figure enshrouded in sadness and regret. Characters who help the plight of her people will win her eternal gratitude and possibly a chance to convince her to aid their own cause.
Combat: Carlotina will fight only in self-defense or for the lives of her loved ones. She uses her Cryptomancer powers primarily, falling back on her formidable Spell repertoire and magical items. At almost all times, one should assume she has armor and stoneskin spells active. She kills only when absolutely necessary, attempting todispatch her enemies as quickly and painlessly as possible. If the means presents itself to end a combat quickly, she always takes it. Carlotina is not beyond self-sacrifice for a worthy cause.
Note: The character Carlotina was created using the optional rule for "Exceeding Level Limits” in Chapter 2: Player Character Races of the DUNGEON Master Guide. This rule is highly recommended for this setting; it enabled Carlotina to reach 18th level because of her high Intelligence score.
注意: 卡洛蒂娜是使用《地下城主指南》第二章“玩家角色种族”中 “超过等级限制”的可选规则来创建的。强烈推荐在此设定中使用该规则;它使卡洛蒂娜达到了18级,因为她有着极高的智力点数。

卡洛蒂娜·艾维雯, 18级精灵法师:
THACO 15; #AT由法术决定; Dmg由法术决定; SA 法术, 密言学者能力; SD 魔法物品; AC 9; hp 36; MV 12; ML 精英(14); AL LG.
Str 10, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 17.
1st level—charm person, draw forth the truth, filth's bane, remove the instrument of death, sleep.
2nd level—blur, continual light, detect evil, hypnotic pattern, ray of enfeeblement.
3rd level—clairvoyance, dispel magic, gust of wind, hold person, lightning bolt.
4th level—eluding the death blow, emotion, fear, ftre shield, stoneskin.
5th level—advanced illusion, feeblemind, interposing hand*, monster summoning 111, teleport.
6th level—chain lightning, cleave the magical union, geos.
7th level—guardian mantle, limited wish, vision.
8th level—demand, spell immunity*.
9th level -temporal stasis.
语言: Elvish (Erewan/Alfheim and Belcadiz dialects), Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Etiquette, local history (elvish regions), meditation, reading/writing, riding (land-based), spelicraft, spcllflash, weaving.
装备: Ring of mind shielding, wand of frost (68 charges), cube of force.

奇尼尔多·艾维雯阁下Sire Qenildor Erewan
Qenildor, Carlotina’s elder son, served as captain of Camp Huledain before it was destroyed by the meteor during the Wrath of the Immortals. Later, he led the effort to keep the humanoids from the Broken Lands at bay.
奇尼尔多, 卡洛蒂娜的长子。在休雷丹恩营地在不朽者之怒中被陨石摧毁之前,他曾是那里的队长。后来,他带领着人们,持续地将类人种族从破碎之地中驱逐出去。
Ever since he narrowly escaped the destruction of his command (he was visiting Ellerovyn when the meteor struck), he has remained a staunch military foe of the humanoids. Currently, he leads a band of elf terrorists in New Kolland, striking against them in a vain attempt to force them out of Glantri.
Personality: Driven by his hatred for orcs, ogres, kobolds, and their ilk, Qenildor leads his troops with a wildeyed intensity. His hatred has grown since the death of his father, and each new atrocity inflicted upon his people enflames this passion still more.
What He Says: I shall not rest until every last orc, goblin, hobgoblin, and the rest are slain. I know that sounds foolhardy, but my father and my people must be avenged.
What Others Say: That elf is a criminal, an outlaw, and a murderer of good, peace-loving folk. (Prince Kol)
Appearance: These days, people normally see Qenildor dressed in the ragged tatters of his white military uniform.His skin is pale, and his hair golden, although now it usually looks dirty and matted. He wears his sabre at his side and carries a shield emblazoned with the arms of Erewan.
Using Qenildor: Characters may encounter Qenildor anywhere in New Kolland. If they intend to strike at the humanoids, Qenildor offers any aid he can muster. Even if the PCs are there for another purpose, he may end up dragging them into a situation that forces them to choose a side in his war.
Combat: A fierce combatant, Qenildor gladly will give his life for his mission.

奇尼尔多·艾维雯, 9级精灵战士/8级精灵法师:
THAC0 12; ML 3/2 (军刀+3); Dmg 1d6+1 (+1 力量, +3 魔法军刀); SA 法术; SD 魔法物品; AC 4; hp 45; MV 12; ML 狂热(17); AL CG.
Str 16, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 12.
1st level—burning hands, draw forth the truth, magic missile, mount.
2nd level—flaming sphere, forget, web.
3rd level—fireball, invisibility 10’ radius, spout of scalding wrath.
4th level—black tentacles\ secure shelter*.
语言: Elvish (Erewarv'Alfheim dialect), goblm, orcish, Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Blind-fighting, navigation, reading/writing, riding (land-based).
装备: Sabre +2, elven chain mail, longbow +1, boots of elvenhind, potion of extra- healing.
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芬斯威克公国Principality of Fenswick
A newer principality, Fenswick remains quite small. In fact, it cannot even boast a town or village of enough size to place on the map. For now, this realm consists of extremely small communities of shepherds and goat herders. Princess Dolores Hills- bury claims she desires a large, populous principality someday, but actually she has no care for personal power. Dolores really Synn, a night dragon—maneuvered her enfeoffment to get a seat on the Council of Princes. In this way, she can further her true goal: spreading chaos and darkness throughout Glantri.
House: Hillsbury.
Ruler: Princess Dolores Hillsbury.
Siege: Fenswick.
House Personalities: None.
Allies: Innocenti di Malapietra, only survivor of House Sirecchia; Houses of Ritterburg and Kol.
Foes: Houses of Marais and Sylaire; Clan of Ellerovyn.
Voting Power: 12 at the council, 12 at Parliament.
Population: 5,890.

The people of Fenswick seem relatively ignorant of their ruler's identity or disposition. In fact, Dolores spends so little time on her own principality's administration, the peasants only barely realize she exists. The late Lady Margaret Hillsbury, whom Dolores falsely claims as her mother, was an iron-fisted ruler, so the people of Fenswick actually appreciate being ignored for now. After all, nothing changed for them when their tiny duchy became a principality, so why should they care chat they've never heard of the woman now their princess?
The people of Fenswick work either as herders or river fishermen, although a few grow potatoes and various other tubers. Folks here appear slightly wealthier than many in other principalities, if for no other reason than their close proximity to the capital and the ease with which they can ship goods to market there.
For being the ruler of such a small and insignificant region, Dolores wields a great deal of political power. She has seduced Jaggarvon Drachettfels, placing House Ritterburg firmly in her grasp. The charmed and mentally unstable Innoccnti di Malapietra serves her as well. Kol XIV knows Dolores for what she really is, but realizes that his own power increases if she succeeds in her plans. In fact, he owes his appointment to princedom to her manipulations of the council.
Prince Malachie du Marais (page 56) has recently learned, through a spy, of Dolores’s draconic nature. A werewolf himself, he knows that exposing her would not do enough to foil whatever evil plans she harbors. For now, Malachie waits to discover more, opposing Dolores whenever he can.
Malachie’s ally, House Sylaire, became an enemy of House Hillsbury when the princess's supporter Henri d'Ambreville was killed by Isidore, his sister-in-law. Isidore, current ruler of Nouvelle Averoigne, and her husband, Richard, realize the wisdom of opposing anyone once closely aligned with the evil Henri. Their close friend Malachie has revealed enough to confirm their suspicions.
Princess Carlotina and the elves of Rrewan blame Dolores, correctly, for their current position of disfavor with the rest of the Council of Princes. Dolores hates the fair elves and wishes them destroyed or driven out of Glantri.

德洛丽丝·希尔斯伯里女亲王Princess Dolores Hillsbury
Princess of Fenswick, Treasurer of the Council of Princes

The lords of the Sphere of Entropy (Immortals dedicated to spreading chaos and darkness) saw in Glantri the potential of establishing a firm foothold in the Known World. They decided that Glantri, already teetering on the brink of chaos, could be manipulated into complete disorder. For this purpose, they summoned one of their faithful servants, queen of the creatures called night dragons. Her name was Synn.
熵领域之王们(致力于传播混乱和黑暗的不朽者们) 看到了在格兰特里建立已知世界中的稳固立足点的潜力。他们认为,已经在混乱边缘摇摇欲坠的格兰特里可以在操纵之下陷入完全的混乱当中。为了达到这个目的,他们召来了一位忠实的仆人,那就是被称为“夜龙”的生物们的女王。她的名字是“辛”。
An incredibly powerful creature, Synn can change her shape into that of a human at will. For her, infiltrating Glantrian nobility proved simple. She claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Prince Volospin of Blackhill (who died when the meteor obliterated his principality) and Lady Margaret Hillsbury. Many nobles knew of their actual affair, and when Synn killed Margaret, no one alive could dispute her story.
Calling herself Dolores Hillsbury, Synn proclaimed (truthfully) that a dragon killed Margaret. Before the realm ceased its mourning, “Dolores” marched into Glantri City with a number of retainers and a dead dragon, claiming to have avenged her mother's death. Her tale accepted, she quickly was granted princess status and her supposed father’s seat on the council.
Even today, Synn continues her masquerade as Dolores to manipulate the council. Her actions are rendering Glantri a dark, monster-ridden realm of chaos. The next step of her plan involves eliminating her enemies: Prince Malachie, Princess Isidore, and Princess Carlotina.
直到今天,辛还在通过继续伪装成德洛丽丝来操纵议会。她的行为让格兰特里变成了一个黑暗、怪物横行的混乱国度。她计划的下一步是消灭她的敌人: 马拉奇亲王、伊西多尔女亲王和卡洛蒂娜女亲王。
It is interesting to note that Dolores has not yet uncovered the secret of the Radiance, even though her supposed mother knew its secrets quite well. (Ironically, much of her information on the Radiance lies hidden within Fenswick Keep. Dolores has never bothered to search the place, as she spends so little time there). Should she uncover its powers, she will become even more dangerous.
Personality: Synn is a completely evil creature of chaos who will let nothing stand in the way of her plans.
What She Says: My fellow council members, I know that I am just fortunate to hold this chair. I also know that I should leave the important decisions to those of you that have been ruling well for so long. But if I could just bend your ear for a moment...
What Others Say: Dolores has breathed new life into Glantri. Her wisdom and charm are bringing the principalities into a brighter and more glorious future. (Prince Jaggar)
别人说: 德洛丽丝给格兰特里注入了新的生命。她的智慧和魅力正在把诸公国引向一个更明亮而辉煌的未来。(贾加尔亲王)
Appearance: Dolores has long, straight black hair. Her dark eyes contrast with her pale skin. The tall and slender woman dresses in long, black gotons when possible, substituting stylish hunting garments when traveling.
With scales of deepest black, Synn's night dragon body measures 90 feet in length and sports a tail of at least 110 feet more.
Using Dolores: Consider Synn one of the primary forces of evil in Glantri, a greater threat even than Morphail or Brannart. Uncovering her nature and plots could become a major focus of a Glantrian campaign. In such a situation, Prince Malachie and Princess Isidore would ally with the PCs, but the princess could manipulate Jaggar, Kol, and others into opposing them.
Combat: Although she normally pretends to be much less powerful than she is, a true threat will cause Dolores (or Synn) to unleash all her magical might. Rather than die, she will reveal her draconic form, but she almost always has a number of defensive spells, such as counterspell immunity and armor, cast for protection.

德洛丽丝·希尔斯伯里, 20级人类 (巨龙) 法师:
THACO 14; #AT 1 (匕首+2); Dmg ld4 (+2 魔法匕首); SA 法术; AC 10; hp 70 (在hp降至10或以下时变回巨龙形态); MV 12; ML 勇士(15); AL CE;XP 24,000.
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 9, Cha 17.
1st level—armor, color spray, draw forth the truth, friends, spirit of servitude.
2nd level—BSP, forget, invisibility, levitate, pyrotechnics. •
3rd level—Brannart's acidic grip, fireball, suggestion,, torrent of death, wraithform.
4th level—counterspell immunity, ice storm, magic mirror, minor creation, minor globe of invulnerability.
5th level—chaos, cloudkill, domination, magic jar, shadow door.
6th level -breach the beast's defenses, mass suggestion, project image, seek the traveler.
7th level—control undead, monster summoning V, power word stun.
8th level—incendiary cloud, telekinetic sphere*, trap the soul.
9th level—crystalbrittle, pierce any shield.
语言: Night dragon, Thyatian common.
已知熟练: Etiquette, hunting, navigation, meditation, monster lore, reading/writing, spellcraft, spell-flash.
装备: Dagger +2, ring of human influence.

辛, 极老夜龙*: Int 超凡(18); AL CE; AC -8; MV 12; HD 20; hp 70; THACO 5; #AT 3 (爪击/爪击/啮咬); Dmg 1 d 10/1 d10/3d10 (由于年龄,全部+9);
SA 喷吐武器 (伤害18d10+9), 法术; SD 恐惧灵光,
50%魔法抗力; SZ G (200 英尺长, 包括尾巴);
ML 勇士(15); XP 24,000.
*Note: Essentially, treat the night dragon as a red dragon with the ability to take human form at will and a breath weapon of heat- draining darkness.
偏好法术: 和上文所述的德洛丽丝相同。
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克兰太尔公国Principality of Klantyre
The McGregor family, and some of the others who live in the Principality of Klantyre, are descended from a group of mages who fled to this land through a magical gate to escape persecution. They came from not just another land, but another world entirely—the same world the d'Ambreville family also fled from long ago. These powerful wizards quickly attained positions of influence within Glantri and have maintained their status ever since.
House: Crownguard
Ruler: Prince Brannart McGregor.
Siege: Crownguard.
House Personalities: Sir Duncan, son; Lady Barbara, daughter; Sir Quentin, son; Lady Mary, Quentin's wife; Sir Bruce, Mary's brother; Count Alasdair McAllister, Barbara's husband; Sir Angus, Quentin's son; Sir Sean McAllister, Barbara's son.
Allies: Lady Myra McDuff, Baroness of Uigmuir; Lord Eachainn McDougall, Marquis of Dunvegan.
Foes: Houses of Sylaire and Igorov.
Voting Power: 15 at the council, 32 at Parliament.
Population: 27,750.
Glenmoorloch: 3,300.
Tavish: 1,500.
家族成员:邓肯阁下,长子;芭芭拉女士,女儿;昆汀阁下,次子;玛丽女士,昆汀的妻子;布鲁斯阁下,玛丽的哥哥; 阿拉斯代尔·麦卡利斯特伯爵,芭芭拉的丈夫;安格斯阁下,昆汀的儿子;肖恩·麦卡利斯特阁下,芭芭拉的儿子。
盟友:迈拉·麦克达夫女士,尤格缪尔女男爵; 伊尔钦·麦克杜格尔大人,邓韦根侯爵。

Most in House Crownguard, as well as servants and retainers, have been driven to the brink of insanity by the seemingly cursed Tower of Crownguard. All in Klantyre know that the ancestors who have died there since the passage to Mystara haunt the tower. Many family members have shunned the keep to get away from the hauntings.
Lady Barbara (LN hm F4) luckily left the place early in her life to marry the Count of Glenargyll, Alasdair McAllister (CN hm W13). A member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance (see Chapter IV: Magic), Alasdair unfortunately bears the mark of his affiliation: The magical force has painfully disfigured his face, chest, and right arm. Nevertheless, the wizard continues his spell experiments, seemingly as obsessed with Immortality as his father-in-law, Prince Brannart. Barbara and Alasdair’s son, Sean (CN hm W10 Water Elementalist of the Third Circle), is a rebellious prodigy at the Great School of Magic.
芭芭拉女士(LN hm F4)幸运地在她很小的时候离开了这个地方,嫁给了格伦盖尔伯爵,阿拉斯代尔·麦卡利斯特(CN hm W13)。阿拉斯代尔是辐射兄弟会的一员(见第四章:魔法),不幸的是,他身上带有他所属组织的标记:魔法力量痛苦地毁容了他的脸、胸部和右臂。尽管如此,这位法师还是继续着他的魔法实验,似乎像他的岳父布莱纳特亲王一样痴迷于不朽。芭芭拉和阿拉斯代尔的儿子肖恩(CN hm W10 三之环的水元素学者)是至高魔法学院的一位叛逆的天才。
Sir Quentin (CN hm W9 Water Elementalist of the Third Circle) is the prince's schizophrenic younger son. (The elder is Sir Duncan.) Quentin once served as Castellan of Fort Sablestone but, upon the enfeoffment of Sablestone as a principality, he reluctantly returned to Crownguard. Brannart has since taken complete magical control of Quentin and forced his wife, Mary (NG hf F12), to flee. Their son, Angus (CE hm W15), was another prodigy, joining the Brotherhood of the Radiance at the age of 10. For reasons unknown even to him, Angus ceased to age physically once he delved into studying the Radiance. Now, many years later, he still appears a young boy. Angus, the only family member who knows Brannart is a lich, feels confident that the same fate will not befall him. In fact, he plans to use the Radiance to overthrow his grandfather soon. Anyone inclined to treat this thoroughly evil figure as a child generally falls subject to a contagion, feeblemind, or even finger of death spell.
患有精神分裂的昆汀阁下(CN hm W9 三之环的水元素学者)是亲王的次子。(长子是邓肯阁下。) 昆汀曾在黑貂岩堡担任城主,但在黑貂岩被封为公国后,他不情愿地回到了皇冠守卫。此后,布莱纳特用魔法完全地控制了昆汀,并迫使他的妻子玛丽(NG hf F12)逃跑。他们的儿子安格斯(CE hm W15)也是一位天才,在10岁时就加入了辐射兄弟会。由于连安格斯自己也不知道的原因,在他开始研究辐射之后,他的身体就不再衰老了。现在,许多年过去了,他还是个小男孩的样子。安格斯是家里唯一一个知道布莱纳特是一位巫妖的人,而他相信自己不会重蹈祖父的覆辙。事实上,他打算在不久后用辐射来推翻他的祖父。任何试图把这位彻头彻尾的大魔头当作孩子对待的人,往往会沦为contagion、feeblemind,甚至是finger of death spell的目标。
Sir Bruce (CG hm C18), Mary's brother, used to serve as Castellan of Crownguard. But, when Brannart found out that he was secretly a cleric, he had him imprisoned in the keep's dungeons, where he remains to this day. Mary continually seeks an ally to help her breach the haunted keep to rescue her imprisoned brother and ensorcelled husband, as well as help turn Angus away from the path of evil.
布鲁斯阁下(CG hm C18),玛丽的哥哥,曾担任皇冠守卫的城主。但是,当布莱纳特发现他其实是一位隐藏身份的牧师时,他把他关进了城堡的地牢,直到今天。玛丽不断地寻找一个盟友来帮助她攻破这座闹鬼的城堡,以拯救她被监禁的哥哥和陷入困境的丈夫,同时帮助安格斯远离邪恶的道路。
An ally of House Crownguard, Lord Eachainn McDougall (LN hm W11 Dracologist of the Third Circle) bears the task of holding the western end of Skullhorn Pass. A wonderful strategist, he is a good friend of Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels. Long ago, another Crownguard friend, Lady Myra McDuff, became a prisoner of a band of orcs, who eventually slew her. Her ghost still resides in her tower at Uigmuir, but no one realizes her undead state. Her spirit must remain trapped in the world of mortals until someone avenges her death.
伊尔钦·麦克杜格尔大人(LN hm W11三之环的龙学者)是皇家守卫家族的盟友之一,肩负着驻守头骨号角关西部的任务。他是一位出色的战略家,也是贾加尔·冯·龙福斯亲王的好朋友。很久以前,另一位皇冠守卫的盟友迈拉·麦克达夫夫人成为了一群兽人的俘虏,并最终被兽人所杀。她的鬼魂仍逗留在她位于尤格缪尔的城堡里,但没人意识到她变成了亡灵。直到有人为她报仇为止,她的灵魂都无法离开凡世。
Somehow, the Principality of Klantyre succeeds in spite of itself. Brannart cares nothing for his family, let alone his people, and thus pays no heed to problems the principality faces. Shrewd local rulers, such as the Grand Mayor of Glenmoorloch, Gerth MacEndal (LN hm F6), keep Klantyre running smoothly.
不知何故,尽管自身问题重重,但克兰太尔公国还是成功地存续到了今天。布莱纳特不关心他的家庭,更不关心他的人民,因而也对公国所面临的问题不屑一顾。克兰太尔之所以能够保持平稳地运作,都归功于精明的地方统治者,如格伦穆莫雷的大市长,格斯·麦肯德尔(LN hm F6)。
The moneychangers of Glenmoorloch, the banking and financial center of Glantri, handle currency in an efficient and sophisticated manner second only to the Republic of Darokin to the south. Certain bankers will handle confidential accounts—and ask no questions.
With lumbering as one of the area's major industries, Glenmoorloch also serves as home to many lumberjacks, woodcrafters, and carpenters. Only sheep herding outranks lumbering as a source of revenue for Klantyre. Local farmers grow potatoes and various grains. The village of Tavish is known for its breweries and its unique whiskey.
The people of Klantyre are a suspicious and prejudiced lot. They normally keep to themselves, and, when left alone with their “own kind," they generally appear happy and good natured. Strangers are not welcome in the local pubs (Glenmoorloch has inns and taverns specifically for outsiders), and just barely in other business establishments. Tavish seems even less welcoming than Glenmoorloch.
As mentioned in the section on Boldavia (page 37), Brannart despises Prince Morphail and plots his destruction. The vampire, in turn, seeks to undermine the lich's control by making those who serve him into vampires.
The Houses of Crownguard and Sylaire have long feuded, the d'Ambrevilles angry that the McGregors used their magical gateway to reach Glantri. Crownguard’s passage prevented some d'Ambreville retainers from making it through before the portal closed.
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布莱纳特·麦格雷戈亲王Prince Brannart McGregor
Prince of Klantyre, Viscount of Crownguard

After killing his father and taking his place as Prince of Klantyre (as well as his staff of the magi), Brannart discovered the secrets of the Radiance. In his lust for Immortality, he overused the Radiance's magic, and his body quickly deteriorated until he was consumed and transformed by the mysterious force. Although old records of Radiance use remain sketchy, Brannart's seems the only known case of lichdom due to the overuse of the secret power.
Since his transformation, he has hidden within Crownguard, never leaving the keep. He conducts his business by proxy, sending servants (often magical creatures he summons) to deliver messages, vote for him at the council, and so on. He used to permit certain visitors to Crownguard to see him, his appearance shrouded in illusions. Now he accepts very few such visits.
Brannart continues his research into the Radiance, still hoping to become an Immortal one day. He has no idea of all the activities of his grandson, Angus; if he ever learns of the younger wizard's plan to usurp him, Brannart will coldly eliminate the upstart.
Note that, unlike most liches, Brannart did not have a preoccupation with death and unlife before assuming his perverse new nature. He was not a Necromancer and actually had no idea that dabbling with the Radiance would change him like it did. He still has no regrets, however, and has accepted his new nature and abilities.
Personality: Brannart is as ruthless and evil as one can imagine. Not surprising for a lich, but this prince was a fiend long before he became undead. He will stop at nothing to gain Immortality, and he cares for no one.
What He Says: Disturb me not, insignificant gnats!
他说: 不要打扰我,你们这些无足轻重的蚊蚋!
What Others Say: I have heard that Brannart does not accept visitors. That is fine with me—I don’t need to be told twice not to deal with that ruthless devil in his ghost ridden tower. (Carnelia de Belcadiz y Ecdorias)
Appearance: Brannart’s skeletonlike face at first glance appears to lack all flesh. The tight sheet of skin covering his skull leaves no question as to his undead status. He wears an elegant, full kilt and a red beret. He keeps his magical staff with him at all times.
Using Brannart: A powerful foe, Brannart can become a match for high-level PCs— especially ones his daughter- in-law Mary recruits to rescue her husband and brother.If you, the DM, wish to start a small conflict in Giantri, pit Prince Morphail against Prince Brannart in an undead struggle involving not only human troops but also monsters, magical beings, and devastating spells.
Combat: It appears difficult to actually get to Brannart, as he stays within his well-guarded tower at all times and generally does not permit visitors. If attacked, however, Brannart enjoys (much to the surprise of his foes) entering into melee. His lich abilities, his spells, and his ring of protection give him excellent defenses, and his chilling touch coupled with one of his many deadly touch spells (including one he developed himself) make him dangerous in combat. He can easily remain ever near his Radiance receptacle and has 3d 10 Radiance points stored via the spell retain power at any given time. (See Chapter IV: Magic for details on this and other Radiance spells.)
战斗:要真正地接近布莱纳特似乎是一件困难的事情,因为他一直呆在他那戒备森严的塔内,一般都不会接受拜访。然而,如果受到攻击,布莱纳特(非常出乎其敌人预料地)喜欢进行近身战。他的巫妖能力,他的法术,和他的防护戒指都给予了他极好的防御能力,他的寒冷触碰加上他的许多致命接触法术(包括他自己发明的一个法术)使他在战斗中十分危险。他可以很容易地停留在他的辐射容器附近,并且通过利用法术储存的3d 10个辐射点随时补充力量。(有关于此和其他辐射法术的细节详见第四章:魔法。)

布莱纳特·麦格雷戈, 20级人类(巫妖) 法师:
THACO 9; #AT 1 (接触); Dmg 1d 10 + 麻痹; SA 法术, 麻痹; SD免疫睡眠、衰弱、变形、寒冷、电击、精神失常、死亡和魅惑法术, 只会被+1或更好的武器所伤害; AC -2; hp 65; MV 12; ML 勇士(16); AL CE; XP 15,000.
Str 16, Dex 11, Con 16, Int 19, Wis 13, Cha 7.
1st level—chill touch, dance macabre, grease, hypnotism, shocking grasp.
2nd level—blindness, blur, improved phantasmal force, spectral hand, web.
3rd level- Brattnart's acidic grip, hold person, nondetection, torrent of death, vampiric touch.
4th level—extension I, fear, improved invisibility, polymorph other, resilient sphere\
5th level—call upon Radiance, feeblemind, hold monster, monster summoning III, telekinesis. 6ch level— breach the beast's defenses, death spell, invisible stalker, globe of invulnerability. 7th level—du$--dimension, power word stun, sword*.
8th level—discharge, grasp the magic since used, irresistible dance*.
9th level—a summons one dares not deny, sever the tie
语言: KJantyre, Thya- tian common.
已知熟练: Alchemy, ancient history, ancient languages, reading/writing, spellcraft.
装备: Staff of the magi, boots of levitation, crystal ball (with ESP), ring of protection +2.

邓肯·麦格雷戈阁下Sir Duncan McGregor
头骨号角关营地指挥官Captain of the Skullhorn Pass Camp

The oldest son of Prince Brannart, Duncan has become an embittered and hateful man. He despises wizards, calling the magocracy of Giantri a travesty that must be overthrown. He formed the Followers of the Claymore to accomplish just that (page 79), but the rebel group has fallen apart, in particular due to the disappearance of one of the most powerful members, Sir Bruce. Now captain of the military camp located in the middle of the Skullhorn Pass, Duncan broods, scheming a way to strike at the wizards of Giantri.
What He Says: Ah, to have seen my people's homeland—a place unlike this misbegotten realm of magic. That'd be a boon, I'll tell ye.
What Others Say: I've little to say of Brannart's whelp. He hasn't his family's talent, so he's nothing. (Prince Vanserie Vlaardoen)
Appearance: Tall, ruddy Duncan has reddish hair and a drooping red mustache. He wears his armor virtually at all times.
Using Duncan: If the PCs are of a mind to attempt opposing the wizards of Glantri en masse, Duncan could prove their greatest ally. He still knows various fighters and thieves throughout the realm who support his position.
Combat: In combat, Duncan fights in a straightforward manner, dealing vicious blows with his magical claymore (a two-handed sword). He is brave but not foolhardy. He knows when to run, and remains ever aware of the power of magic in a fight.

邓肯·麦格雷戈, 16级人类战士:
THAC0 5; #AT 2 (双手剑+2); Dmg Id 10 (+5; +2 魔法剑, +3 力量);SD魔法物品; AC 0; hp 72; MV 9; ML 勇士(15);AL LG.
Str 18/24, Dex 12, Con 15,Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 17.
语言: Klantyre, Thya- tian common.
已知熟练: Direction sense, endurance, hunting, riding (land-based), tracking.
装备: Plate mail + 1, shield +1, two-handed sword +2.
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奎丹得赫公国Principality of Krondahar
The Principality of Krondahar comprises primarily immigrants and refugees fleeing Ethengar. In fact, the khanates' strict regulation of wizardry drove the ruling Virayanas and other nobles into Glantri, where their abilities could flourish. Despite the feelings of Glantrians like Prince Jaggar, House Singhabad remains extremely loyal to the magocracy.
House: Singhabad.
Ruler: Prince Jherek Virayana IV.
Siege: Singhabad.
House Personalities: Lady Lan-Syn, wife; Lady Aleah, wife; Lady Waira, wife, Sir Ralindi, son; Sir Rejladan, son; Prince Urmahid Krinagar, Lan-Syn’s brother.
Allies: Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, Duke of Hightower; House Krinagar.
Foes: Houses of Ritterburg and Linden.
Voting Power: 25 at the council, 33 at Parliament.
Population: 24,860.
Braastar: 6,900.
统治者: 亲王杰瑞克·维拉亚纳四世。
大本营: 辛格哈巴。
家族成员: 兰-辛女士,夫人;阿莉娅女士,夫人;瓦拉女士,夫人;拉林迪阁下,儿子;瑞拉迪安阁下,儿子;乌尔马希德·克雷纳加亲王,兰-辛的哥哥。

The Virayanas, a quiet family, stand united behind their ruler, Jherek. The prince has three wives, Lqn-Syn (CN hf W(I)16 Dream Master of the Fourth Circle), Aleah (CE hf T12), and Waira (N hf F8). In the Ethengarian tradition, he has a great number of concubines as well. The wives each strive to become Jherek's favorite and, understandably, resent and dislike one another. When Jherek passes on one day, succession might prove a problem. As a wizard, Lan-Syn is the legal heir to the principality. However, she has given her husband no sons—lines of succession being drawn through male descendants—and the other two wives both have.
维拉亚纳是一个安守本分的家族,团结在他们的统治者杰瑞克的身后。这位亲王有三个妻子,兰-辛(CN hf W(I)16 四之环的梦境尊主),阿莉娅(CE hf T12)和瓦拉(N hf F8)。他还依照阿芬格人的传统找了很多情妇。他的每个妻子都努力让自己成为杰瑞克的最爱,所以不难理解为什么她们彼此之间都怨恨交加。如果有一天杰瑞克去世了,继承权就可能成为一个问题。作为一位法师,兰-辛是公国的法定继承人。然而,她并没有给她的丈夫产下任何子嗣——继承权是通过男性后代来交接的——而其他两个妻子都产下了自己的子嗣。
Ralindi (N hm W10 Dream Master of the Third Circle), the elder son, has moved to the Great School to learn more about the Radiance, a power he and his relatives have heard of only recently. His mother is Aleah.
拉林迪(N hm W10 三之环的梦境尊主),长子,已经前往至高学院去研究辐射——一种他和他的家人们直到最近才听说的力量。他的妈妈是阿莉娅。
Imprisoned in a strange pocket dimension for literally years, the younger Rejladan (LN hm W8 Dream Master of the First Circle) was freed recently by his father and brother. His jailer, Lady Sinaria Verlien, took him captive to obtain an ancient book he had discovered regarding the Radiance. Even though Sinaria found the tome not nearly as valuable a source of information as she had hoped, her hatred of House Singhabad made her continue holding Rejladan. She is now a prisoner herself, held in Jherek's fortress in the Demiplane of Nightmares.
Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft (NE hm W13), Duke of Hightower, finds himself an ally of sorts to House Singhabad, by virtue of the fact that it remains the one house he has never offended. This thin, sickly weasel of a man generally acts crass and offensive. John hates nonhumans, as well as most humans somehow different from him (including, in fact, those of Ethengarian descent).
高塔公爵约翰·波玛利斯-摩尔克罗夫特领主(NE hm W13)发现自己在某种程度上成为了辛格哈巴的盟友,因为这是仅有的从未被他冒犯过的家族。这个瘦弱而多病、黄鼠狼一般的男人往往都显得粗鲁无礼。约翰讨厌非人类,也讨厌大多数在某种程度上与他不同的人类(事实上,这包括了那些带有阿芬格血统的人)。
Krondahar seems a fairly wealthy principality. Its people produce a magically enhanced variety of silks; local wizards use spells to speed up the production, too. Ranchers raise cattle, both for meat and dairy products. Yoghurt is a local specialty. The cattle industry also provides Krondaharans with the raw materials to make various leather products. The principality exports gloves, coats, boots, saddles, and other items to the rest of Glantri via the capital. A rare breed of very small horses also originates in Krondahar, but these creatures amount to mere oddities—mounts for the children of Glantrian nobles.
Jherek has proved a capable ruler, and his people feel fairly content. They have learned, unlike their Ethengarian cousins and their Glantrian neighbors, to overcome cultural and racial differences to form a stronger union. (They do not realize how much stronger they could be if they could overcome gender-based thinking as well!) They tolerate strangers with ways unlike their own, although they take great offense at others disparaging their own culture.
The streets in the bustling mercantile town of Braastar buzz with the sounds of bartering, smell of spices, animals,and people. Braastar may be the most racially and culturally mixed town in Glantri (except for Glantri City itself, of course).
熙熙攘攘的贸易之城布拉斯塔尔的大街上到处是议价的话语,香料、动物还有人的气味。布拉斯塔尔可能是格兰特里中种族和文化融合得最为彻底的城市 (当然了,除格兰特里城之外)。
Both foes of House Singhabad oppose the family because of racial intolerance. House Ritterburg (especially Prince Jaggar) has long wanted to wage war against Ethengar and wrongly assumes that the people of Krondahar would join Glantri 's enemy in battle. House Linden, made up primarily of Flaems, continues to maintain an ancient hatred of anyone and anything Ethengarian. This sentiment may change with the new ruler, Princess Juliana.
The relatively new Principality of Bramyra falls under the control of Prince Urmahid, Lan-Syn's brother, bringing two principalities under the rule of the same noble house. To discourage suspicion that House Singhabad has gained too much power, Urmahid formed his own house. In actuality, however, the two princes remain as closely allied as ever.
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